Sleep Improves Cardio Performance

Cami Marshall in her article “Sleep Issues: Sleep Medications,” reports that while Americans spend $98 million bucks to buy sleep aids over-the-counter and another $50 million on drugs to stay awake, there are people who are having problems getting any sleep at all.

It is recommended that you take this medication without food. Taking it with food can reduce its effectiveness and cause it to take longer for you to fall asleep.

Likewise, the author above suffers though the jarring commercial interruptions. She admits that she uses the TV to relax at night. To her, it appears the TV is a sleep aid –a natural sleep aid that apparently does not work very well. Wouldn’t the obvious solution be to stop using the TV at bedtime and try an alternate solution? Perhaps, a good book might work better as an aid to relax or sleep.

The spasmodic and frequently repetitive contraction which is spasmodic originating from the thoracic cavity. Clinically referred to as a tussis this is too well familiarly realized as a cough. The distinctive sound as well as the sensation of the cough is violent as air is released from the lungs. As the body takes action in eradicating such substances of irritation to the air passages the action of coughing occurs. As phlegm has built up within the trachea initiation of the cough engages.

You have a strong urge to move your legs due to odd sensations such as creeping, crawling, itching, tugging, pulling, tingling, or similar feelings in your legs. The urge is difficult to resist.

Exercising late in the evening is not a good idea. I find it hard to wind down after an intense workout. If you must exercise in the evening because of certain commitments I would advise that you exercise at least three hours before your bed time. This should give you enough time to wind down.

If your doctor decided to put you on prescription medication for your sleep disorder, take it regularly and according to the instructions found on the label. Let your doctor know about all of the other prescriptions that youre taking.

Avoid watching TV, eating, and discussing emotional issues in bed. If not, you can end up associating the bed with distracting activities that could make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

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