Preventing Baby Crib Injury

Being presented with a full spectrum of baby crib mattress choices will leave you feeling dazed as to what to choose. Making up your mind as to what to buy at this moment will surely save you a lot of frustrations.

For at a coil Natural latex mattress UK, check the number of coils. Usually, more coils usually means a firmer mattress. Note that more coils does not necessarily a better mattress as the coils can be made of varying quality of steel.

Size and fit are the first things you should look at. Remember to have the exact measurements needed so that your baby’s mattress will fit snugly and securely. I always take measurements of the interior of the baby crib. I don’t want the mattress to scrunch up and not fit flat in the baby crib.

Needless to say it is the steel coils that give the mattress its firmness and spring. These properties are dependent on both the number of springs and the thickness or gauge of the steel.

When buying natural mattress, select one that are produced of 100% cotton, machine washable and colorfast. Bassinet mattress might be the first couple of things you purchase for the newborn, so give it a thought early so that you’ve sufficient time shopping for it.

The crib mattress must provide proper support for your baby’s back and head. It must be firm but not too hard. It must not be soft either because if the mattress is too soft it will bend in the middle where the baby sleeps. It needs to be firm enough to maintain its shape and provide enough support for the spine.

Crib mattress pads are like a covering for your mattress. They are waterproof. They soak whatever falls on them and make sure it doesn’t get absorbed down to the mattress. Thus, they remain dry and your baby’s sleep is not disturbed. Cleaning mattresses can be a big headache since wetting the bed is common and you’ll have to keep washing it again and again. Crib mattress pads make it extremely easy for you. You don’t need to worry about anything whatsoever when it comes to cleaning crib mattress pads.

I am not going to go into great detail on all the technical stuff here, my point is that providing an organic baby mattress for your infant has never been easier so why continue to make the same un-informed choices so many others have in the past and are still doing? Do the research. There are literally dozens of manufactures now producing quality organic baby mattresses. And if we as parents continue to demand safer, healthier and natural products for our babies other manufactures will climb aboard and things will only get safer for our children.

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