Officers And Gentlemen – The Gift Of The Raj To The Indian Army

George Orwell wrote about it. Apple Computers ran a Super Bowl ad based on the Orwellian novel in question. What are we talking about here? 1984. Thankfully, the actual year did not turn out to be as tyrannical as Orwell may have predicted, but the world and society was changing. The decade entered into its middle period and, by now, “1980s culture” was very much a part of mainstream American society.

Milkha now burst on the International stage when at the 1958 Asian games he won the gold medal in both the 200m and 400m events. Have we ever heard of any Indian athlete winning 2 gold medals in a track event after him? Milkha clocked a time of 21.6 and 47 seconds respectively. This was the time the world took notice of a bearded Sikh with long hair on the international stage and nicknamed him as the ‘Flying Sikh’. He followed up by winning the 400 m event at the Cardiff Commonwealth games with a timing of 46.16 seconds. He was the first Indian to win a gold medal at the commonwealth games after independence. Milkha again won a gold medal in 400m at the 1962 Asian games.

Although the army fights back to the accusation, the report adds some worry to Indians. They are likely to think that corruption has penetrated to the most respectful branch. But as far as I know, officers are costumed to playing golf long before and it’s really common for the army camp to own their own golf ranges.

The Army Admit Card employs two heavy machine guns. They have a number of U.S.-made M-2 .50 caliber machine guns in their arsenal. This is the classic heavy machine gun, weighing 84 lbs. and with a robust reputation for stamina under pressure. The version used in India can fire at 575 rounds a minute. They also use the Soviet-made NSV, a 55 lbs gun that can shoot 12.7 mm rounds at between 700 and 800 rounds per minute.

The standard sub-machine gun is the famous H&K MP5 9mm. Using the same roller-delayed blowback action, this weapon took the world by storm and is now a favorite with infantry, special forces, and police agencies around the world. It weighs 2.5 kg, uses 15 or 30 round box magazines, and fires at 700 rpm at full auto. they use both German-made guns as well as locally manufactured copies.

Agra is an old Mughal city famous for Mughal culture, art and architectures. Taj Mahal is the pride of Agra. Many tourists come in Agra to see the epitome of love and romance. Taj Mahal looks stunning at the side of Yamuna. Besides Taj Mahal Agra is also famous for Agra Fort, Sikandra, Baby Taj, Fatehpur Sikri, Jama Masjid, Diwan-i-Khas, Marble Handicrafts Museum, Anguri Bagh, Akbar’s the Great Tomb, Tomb of Salim Chisti, Buland Darwaja, Panch Mahal in Fatehpur Sikri are some very important places ion Agra.

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