Ten Tips For Raising A More Peaceful Child

The children’s book, Molly and the Sword, tells of a young girl who, with the help of a mysterious horseman, overcomes obstacles on the road to success as a violinist. It has garnered rave reviews from music and education magazines. Here to talk about the book is author Robert Shlasko.

For us, the solution was for me to start home educating my two sons and to stop working for a few years, in order to concentrate on their education and their health and wellbeing.

Observe the environment in general. Look for comfort, yet order. The environment should be child-centered. This means everything should be easily accessible to the children, without requiring constant adult intervention.

There are huge differences in rates for childcare services across the country, for example creches in Cork city are less expensive than creches in Cork County, and creches in Dublin are more expensive than creches in Cork city!

Luckily, breakfast is usually the same thing each day. She favors frozen waffles with Nutella. This is the norm, so I have a few shortcuts. When I get up a 6:00 am, I take out the waffles and set them on the counter. This way, they are defrosted by the time my daughter is ready to eat.

Harvest Festival: This is a really fun fundraising festival that’s open to the whole community. The $5 admission supports The Daycare Near Me of Yakima, at 511 N. 44th Ave. All ages are welcome, but the event is geared towards kids ages 2-8, and includes a photo booth, a bake sale, games and prizes, arts and crafts, and more! Kids are encouraged to wear and show off their favorite costumes too. For more info, call 509-901-2031.

These shy, insecure (at least of their English and of their ability to act) young men and women opened their eyes, stood up and began to have a party! Maybe I should explain that a Japanese party is a very controlled event. First there is an opening ceremony. Then the guests are told to mingle, and they dutifully do. The food is all laid out but no one touches it until the announcement is made that they may (and should). Finally they are told that the party is over, and they make their farewells and leave. This is not how they behaved at my party. There were no formalities, and there certainly was no food. We were in a small, unadorned classroom whose desks (the kind with the chairs attached) we had pushed back as far as we could to make some room. There was no music.

Most daycares have a waiting list, so plan accordingly- 6 months in advance. Kids develop better when they go to daycare. They develop social skills, life skills and it is targeted learning time and play. After 2 years there are part-time options and it gets less expensive after 2.

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