Photography With A Different Touch The Nikon D7000

You are almost there. Your special day is coming up and of course you need to do a little accounting. Otherwise you end up asking, where did all the money go?

Forego the printed napkins and matches to save even more money. Also, do you really need a gold embossed guest book? Probably not! Why not purchase a nice guest book at your local stationery store.

Generally, no matter what country you live in, the biggest expense is the reception. It normally accounts for about 48% of your total expenses. Let’s face it you are feeding a lot of people. The event is being catered by a chef and you are also paying for the cost of the people serving behind the bar and waiting on the tables. Not to mention that you’re having a multi-course meal. This can really raise the costs.

When you are in a hurry, stress sets in. Although we don’t rush you into a session (some photographers do) the anxiety that you feel because of being rushed to get to your photo session will make it difficult to put yourself into the relaxed, romantic mood needed to have a successful boudoir photo session.

2) It’s Her Day…Finally you round the church and emerge at the front altar, awaiting her grand princess entrance. DON’T be nervous, because at this point nobody cares about how stunning and majestic YOU are in that ill-fitted rented tux! They all know you took about ONE MINUTE to ask her what tux you should wear, three hours drinking with the boys before the fitting, and another minute to rush the tailor shop 30 seconds before he locked up Last Night. Nobody’s Looking at YOU, except maybe your weeping mother and terrified friends! It’s all about her. Just DON’T PASS OUT up there (or if you do, make sure someone sends it in to America’s Funniest Videos, where you might win the $10,000 it takes to pay your divorce lawyer!).

Which digital SLR camera should you look for when buying a camera? The question has an easy answer if you are an intermediate professional headshots photographer boca raton looking for something more professional than a point and shoot camera. You should look for the SLR cameras that come with at least one lens. The Canon EOS Rebel XTi comes with an 18-55mm lens. The Nikon D40 SLR also has an 18-55mm lens included. There are some things to consider before choosing the right SLR camera that you will buy and use. By following a few tips for choosing a digital SLR camera, you should find a great camera that is easy to use.

Hire a DJ rather than a live band. If you want live music, visit the music department at your local college for referrals. There are many talented music students who would gladly play at your wedding.

The reason I wrote this brief article was to really show anyone starting up in freelance photography is not cheap but doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either! There will always be equipment you want and can’t afford. Just keep yourself beyond your means and when you score that big contract you can treat yourself!

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