Nintendo Eshop Gains Three New 3Ds Games, ‘Fire Emblem’ Demo, And Wii U Sale

Take your hands away from that “Buy” button. If you were thinking about giving yourself some headaches with a new Nintendo 3DS, don’t do it until August 12th. That’s when, according to the company, the U.S. price plummets by about 1/3 from $249 to $169. Similar price drops will be enacted in other regions.

Fans of the series would certainly jump at the chance to play a Dragon Quest title with 8-bit graphics. You can sign me up right now. If it was priced correctly then there’s potential for it to generate some serious revenue.

Well, that’s alright by me. Travis Touchdown was cool and all, but as long as we aren’t strung along like in Metal Gear Solid 2 or Mega Man X7 and he’s up-front about it, it’s much less of a slap to the face for fans.

Specifically, Capcom’s Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS. There was supposed to be a downloadable “Prototype Version” available on the eve of the event, launched with Nintendo’s new magento eshop. Instead, the demo (a term used loosely, as it’s a “demo” insomuch as Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was) was delayed to an unspecified point in time.

Simply put, some controllers are a better fit for some games than others. That’s why fight pads and arcade-style joysticks are so popular among the hardcore fighting game community. If you have a wide variety of options, it’s best to use them, rather than try to have everyone conform to a single design.

Unlike most Mega Man titles, Legends carries the feel of an open-world game, and did so preceding the arrival of 2001’s Grand Theft Auto III for the PlayStation 2. Since then, the concept has exploded into what some might consider a new genre. It may not have offered the same full feeling of freedom as those games, but there is definitely no shortage of things to do, even if you’re not blasting robots. That would no doubt help its appeal to some in the modern video game world.

Being an avid retro gamer and collector all I can say is YES! If this is indeed a true rumor, I will be getting a brand new copy for my collection. Of course since there is no chance that they would bring this to English speaking countries, we would have to wait for a translated ROM to actually play and understand it, but either way this could be huge news!

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Nintendo Eshop Gains Three New 3Ds Games, ‘Fire Emblem’ Demo, And Wii U Sale

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