Loft Conversions – The Reason For Their Enviable Popularity

Homeowner loans are a special type of loan. As the name suggests they are available only to people who want to own a home. So, what exactly is the difference between those loans and a personal loan? Basically, a Homeowner loan is secured on the property. The lender puts a legal charge on the property and the loan is, in effect, a second mortgage.

Before answering that question, it’s instructive to consider the overall role of the home. This is a space where you spend many hours, seeking to relax and to avoid the problems associated with daily life. It may well be the case that you have a hectic working life and that you are often in dire need of this relaxation.

A loft conversion Romford typically adds up to 10 per cent to the value of your home. It’s the ideal spot for a guest or master bedroom and, if space allows, an extra bathroom. Always consider the price of similar properties in your area to ensure the investment doesn’t exceed the extra value you could achieve.

You may wish to tackle this issue by drawing up a list of the changes that you would really like to make. You could even list them, by order of priority. In effect, you’ll be sketching out a considered plan of action. What happens, however, when you feel that you are confined by the space that’s available to you?

The roof pitch for two story extensions must also match the roof pitch of the existing property as should the eaves and ridge height. No Extension should be any higher than the existing height of the property, be it a single storey extension or a double extension..

There is seldom room for a library or office in a house. Unless you happen to live in a mansion, a computer, desks, and shelves take-up space amid other things like the television and a toy box. Lofts are natural retreats where students go to work quietly. Entrepreneurs might want to consider using their new room as the start of a home-based business. Builders can even add a bit of space by creating a dormer if existing measurements are a little too small for existing plans.

Try to buy the very best windows you can afford. Velux-type windows with a minimum of double glazing generally work very well. They need to have a tight seal and to be very carefully fitted. If you are having a high number of windows, the room will be colder, so triple glazing may be a good idea. Also bear in mind that you may only have blinds on these types of window and this offers very little additional cold protection unlike drapes or heavy curtains.

You might have very little roof space to create a viable living area in your loft – so why not take out the majority of the ceiling (subject to building control approval, of course) in the master bedroom and create a mezzanine room where your bed can sit? That will leave more space below for extra living space.

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Loft Conversions – The Reason For Their Enviable Popularity

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