Illegal Immigration: Is It Destroying Our Country?

There are a few issues that can be explained in basic terms, whether it’s to new voters, children, or adults. When topics get too complicated to understand, break it down to a place everyone can relate to. With our national deficit over $16 trillion dollars, most people can’t relate, or even know how many zeros (12) follow the 16.

We need to immediately change the anchor baby rule. Where did the concept of every child that is born in the US automatically granted citizenship? Some say it was a misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. End birthright citizenship now. At least one parent needs to be a legal resident.

Immigrants tend to move within their own circle, especially if both come from outside the UK. They usually stick to their own ghetto, speaking only native language and not improving English. It is not possible to gain any more words, to widen the vocabulary, if you constantly speak your native language and move around your own people. By all means, keep your language, speak it to your children and make them bilingual, so they can cope easily at schools and life in the future.

I’m talking about Governor Jan Brewer’s upcoming memoir. She says it’s about the controversial crackdown on Immigration lawyers london and her signing of SB1070. I’ll bet it is also about her secret agreement with State Senator Russell Pearce to bring down the state of Arizona.

I strongly feel that immigrants should speak English and should be happy to improve it by attending language courses. Even better, if they were to study English before coming over, like I did. It is not right, when my own Polish people come over without even basic language skills and desire to learn the language as soon as possible. Any visit to e.g. a doctor, a dentist or a council immediately requires help of a professional translator, paid for by the tax payers. The same principle applies to other nations. Money spent on translations could be used to improve education system or health care.

All of this can be shortened with the help of an internet connection. The person has to do nothing, but just draft an email to the registered address by the company. The company will respond to the message in few hours and then one can ask for further details. It might even happen that you reach Mumbai, but there are certain important paper missing. In that case you have to travel back.

There are other tips available out there for people planning immigration to Australia. You might want to read up on the materials provided by the government to help you on your way.

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