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Feeling a little overwhelmed this holiday season? Imagine what life would be like with eight kids. The Learning Channel’s enormously popular reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8 will have a ten episode Holiday marathon starting at 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday, Dec. 29 with viewers voting for their favorite episodes on the TLC Web site.

Find ways to cut down on housekeeping chores so that maintaining the living spaces fits in with the lifestyle of the family. One of the most logical Ménage lyon 8 tips to minimize chores is to minimize possessions. This doesn’t mean donating everything but the items needed to survive to charity. The home should be comfortable and show personality. Rather, when something new comes into a home, something else should be removed. Every container has a maximum capacity, after all.

Jon comes across as he does on the show also: helping tirelessly, seemingly the real hero of the family. Kate mentions that at night he would carry the babies to bed one by one, stopping to hold each one up to her lips for her to kiss. Although this is very sweet of Jon, it made me want to scream at Kate. Please GET UP OUT OF YOUR CHAIR and help put your own kids to bed, gosh darn it! It’s very reminiscent of the many scenes in the show where Kate is parked in her plastic chair, observing but rarely getting personally involved.

You should decide what your immediate goals are and work towards this. Do not get distracted by trivia. Make a plan to achieve them and focus on achieving them. Once you have done this, then you can move onto something else, again making a plan and sticking to it. Do not confuse “being busy” with “working on important projects”.

I housekeeping tips don’t care if all grown-ups bar Amish know what the words mean. I don’t even care that they’re only words. I believe that civilised societies have lines on the floor that no-one should cross and no matter how quaint or old-fashioned those lines might sometimes appear, they are infinitely preferable to societies that sign up to the ‘anything goes’ philosophy.

I’ve sampled those societies. Hell, as a British citizen, I’m sampling one right now. Far from being progressive, they are self-centred, inward-looking, harsh and ugly.

After all, who makes the majority of the mess in your home? They may not be able to do the laundry…yet, but they can do the monotonous chores like dusting, going around the house gathering trash, you get the idea. Don’t let them fool you, kids are much more capable than they let on and if you make it part of their routine now, maybe you’ll have some hope of seeing their floor when the teenage years arrive.

You can put these in the medium of your choosing and sell them online to be downloaded. This can even be made to be completely automatic. Once you set up one from beginning to end and getting it to bring in say $100/ day. You can then concentrate on making another one thus creating multiple streams of income. Imagine building eventually 20 sites over a year or so all bringing in $100 dollars or more a day. Even just $50 per site per day would be a nice income.

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