Autism And Mercury Poisoning, A Initial Hand Account

In June (2002), the New England Journal of Medicine, 1 of the most respected healthcare journals, made a startling announcement. The editors declared that they had been dropping their coverage stipulating that authors of review articles of healthcare studies could not have financial ties to drug businesses whose medications were becoming analyzed.

Ponder that last paragraph cautiously, simply because it is the heart and soul of contemporary medicine. Discover a all-natural substance that cures some thing, bury this reality, then fabricate, synthesize, and mutate the key natural substance, then patent the mutation, and make huge BIOMEDICAL EQUIPMENT profits.

Most DAN! doctors are fully trained and certified healthcare physicians. They are not any less certified than similar doctors who are not DAN! licensed. They merely think in a rational and scientific method to treating autism. Your pediatrician or general practitioner or other specialist went to healthcare college at a time when autism and ASD was not nicely understood, and most received almost no training in recognizing or dealing with it. They are most likely to tell you that you are worrying as well a lot about your infant/toddler and that they will develop out of it.

This announcement by the New England Journal of Medication is just the tip of the iceberg of a scientific institution that has been pervasively corrupted by conflicts of interest and bias, throwing question on nearly all scientific statements made in the One Source Docs field.

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