7 Essential Tips For Choosing A Wedding Photographer

DON’T CREATE YOUR PORTFOLIO ALBUMS BASED SOLELY ON YOUR “GREATEST HITS.” There is nothing more misleading regarding a photographer’s talent than looking at a sample wedding album that is a compilation of their best shots at 50 different weddings. An album such as this may be useful in understanding just how great an image you are capable of producing, but that’s really all it tells your client. Show albums that display one entire wedding from start to finish. A good wedding photographer should be able to produce a number of complete albums to show the client. Be sure and explain to your client why this is such a better way to assess your skill. Use this to separate yourself from your competitors! Tell your client that virtually anybody with a decent camera can get one great shot per wedding.

Whatever you are doing, do not disturb the ceremony which is going on. Always be prepared to modify plans which you have thought of earlier. Whatever happens, you must not interfere or interrupt the ceremony. You must know what are the proceedings of the ceremony so you do not disturb anybody in between. Also make sure you are not distracted anybody. Understanding what will happen in the ceremony will help you to prepare in advance for the photographs that should be taken next.

You should always have at least one meeting with the photographer before your wedding day to discuss which shots you do and do not want. You don’t want to give photographers in Las Vegas too many directions – they do know how to do their job, after all. However, you don’t have to keep your mouth shut, either. If you have a few preferences, feel free to discuss them. Your photographer shouldn’t gripe about not being able to take the traditional “bridal party jumping in the air” shot if you don’t want it.

Family and friends should also never be in charge of photography duties. Whether they are a professional or amateur photographer who ends up with pretty good photos now and then, they want to enjoy your special day and not be burdened by all the responsibility of being the wedding photographer essex. And even if they’re willing to do it, you want to ensure that your pictures are taken by a professional, because these pictures will last forever. If something happens and the pictures taken by that friend of family member don’t turn out, what would this do to your relationship with them?

There is great satisfaction in being able to plan and pull off your own destination wedding, but is it worth all of the organization, phone calls, websites, and amount s of time and stress on your end? I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to a friend to get my teeth cleaned, (my dentist is very nice), I don’t ask the Sephora make -up specialist to help me with the brakes on my car, (she could make them look prettier, but probably not going to stop the car any better). There are so many great destination wedding designers out there that can help you design and pick a great wedding package, perfect resort, and arrange an incredible group rate, along with travel arrangements for you, for not much more money than it would cost you to do on your own.

Do not neglect asking any of the question above. You will be amazed at the differences in answers and will soon see why there is a huge difference in pricing. I have known many couples who were surprised to find someone else at their wedding as the photographer because they forgot to ask question 7. Do not assume anything and get everything in writing.

If, if the photographer wants to show you the entire gallery, move on. They may very well be hiding something and are willing to take that risk? Do not fall for the privacy response (“I am very attentive to my client’s privacy, so I can not show you that.”), I’ve seen newbies forums that the answer to use when they do not want to show your entire wedding. You are not specific requests for weddings, photographer of choice just 2-3. If they show on their website wedding, then they should be ready to show you all the wedding.

However, most importantly make sure you have fun. If you are not happy yourself, how can you, being the wedding photographer efficiently capture the “happy moments” of the auspicious occasion?

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